How to use a shock collar properly: A guide to properly train a dog

Proper Usage of a Shock Collar: Training Tips and Guidelines. Learn effective methods for safely utilizing a shock collar to train your pet. Emphasizing humane techniques and gradual adjustments for successful results.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on using shock collars for dog training. At Petlodged, we understand the importance of adequate training techniques to ensure your canine companion becomes a well-behaved and obedient member of your family. In this guide, we’ll learn how to use a shock collar properly, dispel myths, address concerns, and provide a … Read more

French Bulldog Breed Information 2023

French Bulldog Dog information

French Bulldogs, or β€œFrenchies,” are a beloved breed that people worldwide adore. These dogs originally come from England but have a solid connection to France. Frenchie has an exciting history, a combination of physical traits, and a lovable personality. They’re small and loved by many. French Bulldogs look different from other dogs and have friendly … Read more