Best Large Dog House For 2 Dogs

Best large dog house for 2 dogs. As the name implies, the Large Dog House is a vast, spacious dog house that will comfortably accommodate two dogs of any size. A lot of people don’t realize that there are a lot of different options when it comes to dog houses. Plus, there are many kinds of dog houses, ranging from small and portable to large and permanent. There are also different styles of dog houses, such as indoor and outdoor, and even some double as exercise or activity areas.

Best large dog house for 2 dogs

So how do you know which one is best? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this post. We’ll be looking at each of the different types of dog houses, the different styles, and the different sizes. Then, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each one before concluding the best large dog house for 2 dogs.

So, according to your need here, we come up with a list of dog houses according to different factors, such as style, size, price, and others.

  1. STARPLAST Large Dog Kennel

STARPLAST Large Dog Kennel


Color: Brown/Mocha

Style: Modern

Weight of item: 22 pounds

Safe: BPA & phthalate free

Β Key features:

The STARPLAST large dog house with 22 pounds is good to go for small to large pets. Plus, this plastic dog house is durable with plentiful openings and hassle-free to use.

This polypropylene plastic material is UV-protected and phthalate free. Therefore, there’s no chance of rust, tear, or deformation of this plastic material.

In addition, this trendy and stylish dog house is easy to carry indoors to outdoors due to its lightweight. It comes up with a color variety that is super cool and never fades due to sunlight.

Moreover, the assembly of the STARPLAST dog house is super friendly. So, you don’t need any extra gadgets to assemble it. Moreover, the maintenance is not so far, you have to need just a damp cloth to clean it. Let it air dry.

  • Weatherproof

  • Hygienic & easy to clean

  • Quick & easy assembly

  • Lightweight & easy to move

  • Built for long-term use

  • Might be plastic made a very thin
  1. Zooba 2 in-1 Elevated Extra Large Dog House

Zooba 2 in-1 Elevated Extra Large Dog House

Brand: ZOOBA

Material: Polyester

Color: Grey

Style: XL

Item weight: 23.4 Pounds

Key features:

If you are looking for a large dog house perfect for 2 dogs, here you get the best large dog house for 2 dogs. Your large dogs will be excited & get in the cozy castle right away, Also, the top of the big dog house can be easily connected to the camping ventilated dog house & fixed w/ elastic ropes.

You can take Zooba portable ventilated dog house anywhere you want!Β If you have two dogs, you need a large house for them to share.

This is a very nice large dog house for two dogs because it is portable and you can carry it around wherever you go. It can be a comfortable place to spend time with your dog friends, and you can get the best large dog house for 2 dogs whenever you want.

The dog house is built with high-quality materials. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Zooba is made of metal, and it is covered by a waterproof fabric. It is easy to use and you can assemble it in about five minutes.

Moreover, the large dog house is designed in such a way with a metal structure w/ 4 anti-skid feet that it is easy to move around. You can put it on a table or a bench. It is also made to last a long time. You can put it on the ground or attach it to a wall. The large dog house has its ventilation system. Zooba is attached to the roof, and the openings are wide.

Zooba is made to last a long time. Because it is made of durable deluxe materials 600D PVC & strong steel frame, making it easy to clean.Β  Moreover, it is designed to hold a maximum of three dogs. It is a good choice for larger breeds of dogs.

  • Warm & deluxe

  • Hygienic & water-resistant

  • Scratch-resistant

  • Protect your beloved pets from strong sun

  • Easy To Assemble

  • Easy To Clean

  • Might be flimsy
  1. ROCKEVER Wood Dog Houses Outdoor Insulated

ROCKEVER Wood Dog Houses Outdoor Insulated


Material: Wood

Style: Modern

Color: Light Grey

Weight item: 42 pounds

Key Features:

Rockover dog house is made of wood material that confirms its sturdiness. Therefore, this dog house is best suited for bulky dogs with a weight of 70 to 80 lbs.

This large dog house is super easy to clean and assemble. The roof of the house is removable so that you can easily get access to the house. Moreover, for daily cleaning purposes, you can remove its raised bottom floor for deep cleaning. In addition to this, this wood dog house is come up with pre-drilled holes. Therefore, you can easily bring together all parts of the house.

This dog house is best suited for both indoor and outdoor. Your dog house will not be affected by the sun and heavy rain. With raised bottom, your wooden dog house will not get dirty in the rainy season. Along with this, the vinyl door ensures the warmness of your dog house for your pet.

Above all, this dog house is the eco-friendly and best choice for large-sized pets as well as for cats, and ducks too.

  • Weatherproof

  • Easy to assemble

  • Lightweight

  • Sturdiness

  • Versatile use

  • Might be insulation absent
  1. Petsfit Wooden Dog Houses

Petsfit Wooden Dog Houses

Brand: Petsfit

Material: Wooden

Color: White & Yellow

Target audience: Dog

Weight of item: 27 pounds

Key features:

Petsfit large dog house is perfectly designed for medium to large dogs. This dog house is so perfect concerning the dimensions from the exterior to the interior of the house.

The built quality is 100% satisfactory because of its spruce panels with stainless steel hardware and strong asphalt shingles. Moreover, the door of the dog house is strong enough for ongoing protection.

The roof of the dog house is built-in with pneumatic high-quality braces that are easy to remove therefore, you can easily access the inside of the dog house. You can add different probes for the entertainment of your pets. You can assemble the house with a pre-drilled hole.

Along with this, the kennel is armed with a removable floor that helps you in the cleaning of the dog house in depth. With additional support rails, your pets can get a super comfortable grip inside the house.

Above all, the floor is elevated with adjustable feet best for proper air circulation and to keep your dog house at a balanced level.

  • High-quality pneumatic braces
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Additional rails
  • Elevated floor with feet
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy built-quality
  • The strong smell of wood paint
  1. TRIXIE Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House

TRIXIE Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House


Color: Brown

Built quality: Plastic, wood, metal, asphalt shingles

Style: Traditional

Weight: 52 pounds

Key features:

Trixie dog house is designed especially for outdoor use whatever the weather is. It has heavy-duty mineral roofing that is waterproof. Because this one-sided roof ensures that no rainwater will stand on the roof of the dog house. Along with this, there are also plastic cover feet that help in the protection of the house.

Furthermore, the cleaning and maintenance are super easy because of the hinged roof with locking armsβ€”this help to access and set up the home of your dog. For cleanliness purposes, you can easily remove floor panels.

In addition, The house grip credit goes to the plastic cap feet that are adjustable and get corroded. Moreover, the roof of the dog house is elevated. Therefore, the floor will not get absorb any moisture from the ground surface.

Above all, the TRIXIE Natura Classic Outdoor Dog House is perfect for large-size dogs with a maximum weight of 95 lbs.

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to assemble

  • Weatherproof

  • Sturdiness

  • Wood is pretty flimsy


Can two dogs share a dog house?

Yes!! Dogs are friendly in nature pet therefore they can share their living space. Insight of this, the pet industry has introduced large houses so that special bond pets can live in one big house.Β  This can be a great way to save space in your backyard and it can also provide your dogs with some extra warmth in the winter.

Where should a dog kennel be placed outside?

The ideal location for a dog kennel is in a shady spot that’s out of the way of foot traffic and protected from the elements. It should also be close to the house so you can keep an eye on your furry friend.


The best large dog house for two dogs is one that is made of sturdy materials, is weatherproof, and has enough space for both dogs to comfortably move around in. Plus, it is also important to consider the size and placement of the dog house, as well as any special features that may be needed, such as insulation or a raised floor. Above in the article, I shared the top 5 products that are good to go for large dogs.

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