How To Introduce A New Puppy To Your Dog

Are you looking for how to introduce your new puppy to your dog? Buying a new puppy is so exciting and elating. It is engrossing if you do not have any elder dogs at home. But when you already have a resident dog, it becomes a little nerve-wracking.

How to introduce a new puppy to your dog

If you want to own a new puppy and want to introduce him to your elder dog, you should be deliberate. The introduction is distinctive between strangers. No matter whether they are human or dog. As you know, dogs are also social animals as human beings. That’s why dogs also preferred a good introduction.

When you go to a puppy shop and buy a new puppy. Your job does not end here. The actual trouble started from this point. Now, you face a problem with how you introduce your new puppy to your elder dog. Do not get worried, I will help you by giving complete guidelines and tips. That tips and guidelines are so invaluable. These helped me when I introduce a new puppy to my elder dog in making a strong friendship bond between them.

Things you do before introducing your new puppy to your dog:

How To Introduce A New Puppy To Your Dog

Before you take your puppy for introduction, there are some things that you must consider.

Purchase puppy crate and comforting toys:

You need to buy a separate crate for your new pup. Do not forget to buy additional toys, puppy bedding and other accessories. So, he does not need to use anything for the resident dog. That makes your puppy relaxed and cozy.

Develop puppies’ communication skills:

A new puppy does not know how to behave with an adult dog. When your puppy sees your dog, he wants to play with him. But he does not like it. Therefore, you need to develop your pup’s communication skills.

Introducing your dog to a new puppy:

How To Introduce A New Puppy To Your Dog

To make a friendship between your dog and puppy, you need to consider some tips.

Vaccinate your puppy:

The initial thing that you need to ensure is puppy vaccination. Asked the pet shopkeeper whether your pup is vaccinated or not. If the pup does not have the required vaccine, then vaccinate them quickly. Otherwise, your resident also gets sick. In addition, a healthy puppy is easy to keep rather than an ill pup.

Introduce them in a neutral place:

Ensure that they meet each other outside of your home. You may take them to the nearest park. That is a marvelous idea for their interaction. Let them understand each other and it takes time so they become friends. You need to play with both dogs equally. When they become friends, it should be easy for them to stay in the same house and share their owner with another dog.

Do not stop your dog from growling:

When your puppy plays with your adult dog, the old dog growls at your puppy. That is a normal thing. Your elder dog shows unhappy behavior by his growling. The pup learns that they may cross the line, and that’s why the dog growls at him. Then he needs to know that he must move back in this scenario. But if the puppy continues to do that thing, the elder dog might injure the puppy.

Ensure safe interaction:

You must supervise them carefully. There are some things that your resident dog does not like. Ensure that your puppy does not do those things. Such as biting on the tail or ear, jumping over the head, stealing the toy, coming closer and barking near him. But if he does separate them quickly. Otherwise, this makes your dog angry and it becomes laborious for them to stay under the same roof.

Keep them in separate crates:

Gives your dog and puppy some time in accepting each other. Use separate crates for that purpose. This will save them from possessive behavior. You take it as a caution to make it for your puppy to easily adjust to a new place. Make a new routine for the puppy according to your schedule and similar to your elder dog.

Acquainted your elder dog with pup:

You need to acquaint your elder dog with your new puppy. For this, the resident dog must get used to the scent of their new puppy. He must accept its presence by sniffing the puppy’s scent for a long time. To do this, you need to place your pup’s bedding or cloth in your dog crate or sleeping bed.

Make sure your puppy gets enough exercise:

You need to perform your puppy some exercises. These exercises keep their mental and physical health sterling. As you know puppies have so much energy. Therefore, those exercises are a good technique to move that energy outside of their body. They become relaxed and comfortable by playing games and exercising with you.

Give both dogs equal attention:

The distinguished tip that you ensure is to give both dogs equal attention. If you spend more time with the new or old dog, the other one gets sad or irritated. Therefore, equal behavior makes them feel that their owner loves them equally.


What is second dog syndrome?

Second Dog Syndrome or SDS is a mental condition of a dog. When his owner brought a new puppy. He starts to feel lonely at that time. He somehow assumes that he might have to leave his owner’s house.

How long does it take for a dog to get used to a new pup?

Your dog gets used to the new pup in three to four weeks. But it depends on how you manage their interaction.

Final Verdict:

I discuss some tips that help me a lot. These also help you if you follow those guidelines completely. Β Do not forget to tell me about your experience in the comment section. I liked hearing your story.

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