How To Stop Crying Puppy At Night

How to stop crying puppy at night. How to stop crying puppy at night. A crying puppy at night is something that every pet lover would like to avoid. Even though you might think that the puppy is in pain or he needs help, it’s better to ignore him. That’s because puppies can sometimes become aggressive, especially if they are hungry. It’s best to leave the puppy alone at night so that he can sleep peacefully. If you can’t stand his behavior, put him in a different room where there are no other pets.

How to stop crying puppy at night:

When your new pup comes into your house, this is an unfamiliar environment for him/her and he may take time to adjust to the new environment. He may feel some anxiety and feel alone. Moreover, he starts crying usually at the night. So, you need to love them and pay attention. Here, I will discuss the points that will help you to provide comfort and ease to your puppy to settle down in a new environment.

Following are the guidelines that help to stop a crying puppy:

How To Stop Crying Puppy At Night

  • Try to tire your puppy

Don’t let your puppy take a cozy nap at your feet right before bed. Keep him up and active, romping with him to help him get worn out. If he is ready to keel over asleep the minute you put him in his bed or crate, your puppy will be too tired to put up a fuss. This alone is one of the best ways to stop your puppy from crying. It is the best option for stopping them from crying at night.

  • Make a calm and relaxed crate

You should make their crate more relaxed by putting a blanket or any soft cloth in it. You can also put your old t-shirt with your scent in their crate; apart from this, you can put some toys. This will give them more entertainment for a long time.

  • Place their crate nearer to your bedroom

When you leave them alone in the room, they feel uncomfortable and insecure and start crying. So, you need to place their crate near the room or if possible, place their crate in your room. Don’t allow them to sleep with you because it will make their habit and they wouldn’t sleep alone.

  • Give them a chance to potty before sleeping

It might be possible that your puppy crying because of potty and he is unaware of the desired place to relieve him. Also, it is difficult to tell someone in a new environment. So, set the time for their potty before settling them in crates or before sleeping.

  • Don’t respond quickly when they cry

When you hear your pup crying, and then do not respond fast. Because they will make their habit of crying so that you come to them. You might feel difficulties whenever you need to keep them alone at home. So, it is important to respond but not quickly. Otherwise, they will learn the wrong lesson.

  • Before sleeping, limit the food

You should set limits for food and water before sleeping. Because it is important to keep their stomach less full. Otherwise, you may need to take them out more times at the night. This will also disturb your sleep. So, it is better to feed those 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. In this way, you will also avoid these many trips at midnight.

  • Use soft music to relax them

You’re puppy cries because they feel insecure and alone in a new home. You can use soft music near them. It will keep them calm and comfortable. Moreover, they wouldn’t feel loneliness and insecurity. Plus, music helps them sleep.

Naturally, your new puppy will take a few days or a week to settle down in the new environment. Day by day their nightly crying habit will be reduced. But, you should pay attention to them so that they get familiar with you more quickly and don’t cry at the night.


Is it OK to let a puppy cry in a crate at night?

It’s perfectly fine to let a puppy cry in a crate at night. Puppies will normally fall asleep after a while, and they can’t sleep in the same room with you when you’re awake, anyway. If they’re crying, they probably just want a bit of privacy and some alone time.

What do you do when your dog cries in his crate at night?

You can play his favorite music or give him treats until he stops crying. Alternatively, you can use a collar that works as a calming device and helps him fall asleep faster.


I hope you enjoyed this post on how to stop puppy crying at night. It is a common problem for new owners, and it’s something that can be easily avoided. This post contains links to a couple of helpful resources where you can find more information on this topic. To learn more about the puppy’s health, check out this article on how to stop the puppy from crying at night. Also, if you want to learn more about puppy training, check out this post on how to stop a puppy from crying at night.

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