Why Is Dog Whining So Much All Of Sudden

Why is the dog whining so much all of sudden? Whining may be a part of the vocal communication of your pets. Whining has so many reasons, before knowing do not hit or yell at dogs. Of course, they are not mocking, there must be a reason behind such as any health issue or your dog needs behavioral training.

Why is the dog whining so much all of sudden?

My dog started whining last night. I feel very anxious and panicky. Then I decided to go to the doctor but that doctor was not available. So I made complete research on Why is dog whining is so much all of a sudden whenever your dog has such a situation you can help your dog by considering the guidelines which I discussed in this article.

Reasons why is your dog whining so much:

Why Is Dog Whining So Much All Of Sudden

There are multiple reasons why is your dog whining so much. Dogs whine mostly due to communicating about their physical, mental, and other issues I am going to discuss. Do not waste your time. Let’s get started. Stay with me.

Physical need:

If your dogs start whining it may have some physical issues such as pain in any part of the body, bloating, digestive issues, or any other physical inconvenience. It may be due to sudden discomfort in the stomach, or sudden appetite.

Besides chronic diseases your dog may suffer from, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy decreased appetite, increased thirst, and hormonal change may lead to whining. Such diseases occur for a period, and taking certain drugs prescribed by doctors will cure such diseases.

If dogs whine while moving it may have joint pain because of arthritis. Sometimes the dog whines, wanting relief and expressing feelings. You need to figure out what is going through with your dog. You can talk with professionals or go to the doctor for proper treatment.

Anxiety/Fear or overexcitement:

Psychologic behavior may affect the dog’s behavior. Intense behavior like excitement, boredom, or fear will significantly affect the dog. Many people notice when their dog interacts with a new person he started whining, which is sometimes frustrating, but you need not yell at your dog as emotions are not in their hands.

Hearing loud voices, and dealing with new visitors may be the reason for fear or anxiety in your dog. It may cause your dog restless, considerable change in appetite, or start panting.

With extra care, more than usual and humbleness will be helpful for your dog in such situations, you need not create hype on this problem. As there are mental issues with animals too you just be humble with your dog.

Change in the environment:

Territorial behavior can be the cause of whining. Your dog will not feel ok with changes you want to take in your house, as he becomes so persistent with the previous environment.

Sometimes your dog is not accepting a new baby, a visitor, new furniture, house renovations, or shifting from one place to another. So, a change in environment may lead to interrupting the whining of dogs. You need not worry and take some time for your dog to adjust to a new environment.

Being puppy:

If you have a puppy who is whining all the time then he must need training. Your puppy needs to visit training centers or ensure house training.

If you take your puppy at home the very first time they must whine. Acceptance of a new environment is very difficult for dogs, especially puppies. Try to keep puppies with their parent dogs otherwise, they whine and may fall sick. Parent sickness is a major cause of whining in every pet animal.

Seeking Attention:

Sometimes your dog just needs attention just as a little naughty kid. He just needs someone to play with them. For this, you have to take the proper time and special care which he wants.

Sometimes your dog just needs a favorite toy or another dog with which he wants to play. Your dog may behave like a little annoying kid so you have to behave with love and care.

How to stop your dog from whining and knowing the reason behind it:

Why Is Dog Whining So Much All Of Sudden

  • Retraining the dog step by step at home or visiting the training center. Maybe your dog just needs training.
  • Do not yell at your dog at difficult times as maybe your dog is suffering from a chronic disease so your dog needs your attention and care.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of your dog’s living place. Try to clean daily to maintain the good health of your dog.
  • If measures you put in for your dog are still not working, get professional help. Frequent sessions will change the behavior of your dog.


Should you ignore a whining dog?

Of course not, you should not ignore the whining dog.Β  It may be due to some serious health issue. You need to take proper care of your dog and figure out what is going through with your dog. You can consult a professional caretaker or go to the doctor.

How do I force my dog to stop whining?

By understanding the actual reason behind the whining, you can easily calm down your dog. If your dog needs attention treat it gently and spend some time with your dog. If your dog has a health issue, go to the doctor.

How do I know if my dog’s stomach hurts?

There are a variety of symptoms that a dog may experience during stomach pain such as vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. If any of the symptoms happens to your dog consult a doctor.

Why is my dog whining while lying down?

The dog may be dealing with joint pain or arthritis so when he is lying down, he is whining.


This article provides a solution to a common problem of Why are dogs whining so much all of sudden. Knowing the reason behind the whining of dogs is very important. After reading this post you will be all clear about Why are dogs whining so much all of sudden. Hope you will like it. Thank you!

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