Why Male Dog Peeing Suddenly

Why male dog peeing suddenly? Inappropriate urination is often a common issue in dogs and other pet animals. If you are puppy peeing in the house that’s not a big problem as he is under-age and he needs proper training. But if your adult dog start peeing in the house you need to take a note on it. How often your dog start peeing?

Why male dog peeing suddenly?

Every time it’s a frustrating task to clean your adult dog, but you need to concentrate on the reason why your dog is peeing in the house. If you figure out the main reason behind it, the solution becomes easy to find.

There are multiple reasons that your dog is peeing suddenly in the house. You need not worry I am going to discuss every problem your dog is going through. It may be a health issue with your dog or simply aging. Let’s get started discussing problems one by one. Stay with me.

Most Common reasons why Male dogs peeing suddenly

Why Male Dog Peeing Suddenly

  1. Urinary Tract Issues:

Urinary tract issue is a common reason found in your adult dog. It may cause not only frequent urination but also difficulty to pee. The main issue in the urinary tract is a stone/cyst in the kidney which is sometimes harmless and can be treated. Sometimes it may be urinary tract cancer in the bladder or in the tubes. It is very painful for your dog and causes inflammation and infection.

When bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra, infection occurs. The infection will change the pH of urine, so it is compulsory to take your dog for a urine culture (lab test to check bacteria, germs, and other infections in urine).

The infection in the urinary tract can be treated with antibiotics suggested by professionals or medical doctors. The doctors add supplements, change diet and in extreme cases, surgery is required to remove stones from the kidney.

Does the question arise of how to find out whether your dog is suffering from urinary tract issues? So, you can find out by following symptoms.

  • Frequent urination.
  • Less control of urine.
  • Blood in the urine.
  • Odor in urine.
  • Difficulty peeing.
  • Inflammation in the urinary tract system.

If any of the symptoms occur, consult the doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Aging Dogs:

There are multiple reasons your adult dogs pee suddenly. They might forget the training, their bladder becomes weak, or aging increases other diseases like infections, diabetes, and kidney failures.

Living with senior dogs needs special care. You need to use diapers or other absorbent pads for your dog.

  1. Anxiety/Fear or Overexcitement:

Psychologic behavior may affect the dog’s schedule of peeing. Intense behavior like over-excitement, boredom, or fear will loss of control of the bladder causing frequent urination in any place. Many people notice, when their dog interacts with others then a sudden change in behavior occurs causing a change in the schedule of urination, which is sometimes annoying, but you need not yell at your dog as emotions are not in their hands.

If you do not take your dog for a walk with yourself daily and all of sudden you need to go out with your dog, the problem of urination may occur as your dog is not familiar with the environment, and with fear or anxiety the dog may respond differently. Hearing loud voices, and dealing with new visitors may be the reason for fear or anxiety in your dog. It may cause your dog restless, considerable change in appetite, or start panting.

With extra care, more than usual and humbleness will be helpful for your dog in such situations, you need not create hype on this problem.

  1. Bad weather:

Changes in weather affect the behavior of your dog, or it may become the reason for urinary accidents in the house. Bad weather such as rain, thunderstorm, snowstorm, or extreme heat and cold will change the potty schedule of your dog.

The change in behavior is noticeable, and your dog show hesitation to go outside for pee. It may be not routine in your

  1. Changes in the home:

Territorial behavior can be caused by accidental urination. Your dog will not feel ok with changes you want to take in your house, as he becomes so persistent with the previous environment.

Sometimes your dog is not accepting a new baby, a visitor, new furniture, house renovations, or shifting from one place to another.

  1. Metabolic and other issues:

Besides chronic diseases your dog may suffer from, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy decreased appetite, increased thirst, and hormonal change may lead to accidental urine. Such diseases occur for a period, and taking certain drugs prescribed by doctors will cure such diseases.

Liver problems and prostate problems can also cause serious issues of peeing in your dog. So go for a professional in such situations and ensure the best health of your dog.

  1. Arthritis:

An adult dog with arthritis may pee more frequently. As he is feeling discomfort and inflammation in his joints, and he totally forgets when to pee or pee not.

The pain in joints may severe so you need to take your dog for proper treatment of Arthritis.

  1. Loss of house training:

If you are having a puppy and it is not well trained, so you have to face the problem of accidental urination. And it can also happen with adult dogs who has memory loss issues.

For this purpose, you need to take your dog to the training center.

How to stop your dog from peeing in the House:

Why Male Dog Peeing Suddenly

Medical vs Behavioral:

You need to figure out which type of support is necessary for your dog. If your dog is suffering from chronic diseases, you need to consult medically. And if the problem is a change in environment or any other behavioral change you can help your dog on your own or can consult a professional.

Changing your surroundings, daily schedule and diet can elevate your dog’s health. you need to check whether the urine of your dog is smelly, and urine looks and ensures monthly checkups of your dog.

How to stop your dog from peeing in the House:

  • Retraining the dog step by step at home or visiting the training center. Maybe your dog just needs training.
  • Do not yell at your dog in difficult time as your dog need your attention and care.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of your dog’s living place. Try to clean daily to maintain the good health of your dog.
  • If the measures you put in for your dog are still not working, get professional help. Frequent sessions will change the behavior of your dog


Why is my male dog peeing on everything suddenly?

The dog peeing suddenly has a lot of reasons, it may be due to serious health issues, change in weather, change in environment, aging, and overexcitement. You must figure out what type of problem is going through with your dog.

Is it normal for male dogs to pee a lot?

If your dog starts too much urinating it is not good for your dog’s health. It is alarming that maybe your dog has a bladder infection, kidney disease, or diabetes.

How often should a male dog urinate?

Adult dogs generally need to urinate three to five times a day. If more than five times your dog urinate you need to check the reason behind it.

Β Conclusion:

This article provides a solution to a common problem of Why male dogs pee suddenly. I try my best to give information on this topic Why male dog peeing suddenly? After reading this post you will be all clear about Why male dogs peeing suddenly. Hope you will like it. Thank you!


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